Trying Natural Hair Extensions for the First Time

We were goofing off with our sister’s natural hair extensions when she walked in on us. After the speech of how she paid good money for them, she spent the next couple of hours showing us how to put them in. We talked and laughed. It was like playing dress up like we used to do when we were younger. Our older sister always has nice looking hair, and we knew she used hair extensions. We did not think they would look good on us until she put them in for us and styled our hair.

We looked really good. Our hair was longer and fuller than it ever had been. None of us are able to grow really long hair. It just kind of poofs out no matter how much we try to straighten it. My hair was shorter than my middle sister but a little straighter. We both looked good in my sister’s hair extensions. There was a slight color difference from our natural hair, but it just looked like we highlighted it. I wondered how good it would look if I had my own natural hair extensions in the color of my own hair.

I was looking at the cell phone pics from our hair dressing session using hair extensions. I liked it so much that I bought some of my own online at a website that offers natural hair extensions. When they arrived, I had my sister help me put them in. I still did not have the technique go as smooth as how she does it on her own head. She told me I would learn with practice. I went out that day with my extensions in, and my friends went nuts over how good it looked. I liked the look a whole lot. I cannot grow my hair long and straight like this, but my hair extensions make it easy.

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