Thinking About Building a Smart House

Of course I started out all along intending to build a house with a good security system and the ability to conserve energy as much as possible. I figured I would get some video cameras and some motion sensors, floodlights that come on when you need them. Of course you have to get some company to monitor it for you, a place like the one you can hire at In this situation it would really be essential, because our alarm could go off for days and no one would hear it unless a fisherman came off the reservoir and up the creek where the house sits. In fact I took advantage of a drought about three summers ago and built a boat ramp. The lake was so low you could have walked across this creek, which is about a hundred yards wide when the reservoir is full. So I studied up on how to build a boat dock and put it in with these three guys I knew helping me. At that time we just had a place where we could hook up the RV, but now I am getting ready to build a retirement home.

I have a cabin on the land. We built it from a kit. It is one room and there is no bathroom, instead we put a shower outside and dug an outhouse. That was just just fine for fishing trips, especially when you have an RV parked near it. We are going to put the foundation in soon and then I am going to figure out how to make the house run off of my smart phone. That can be done now. You can hook up all of it so that you can talk to people at your front door from a hundred miles away.

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