The Problem with Digital Cable

When I was given the option between Comcast and Dish Cable, I of course went with satellite. I think it’s about time that American consumers begin sending a message to these big cable companies who are basically trying to ruin the Internet for everyone by saying enough is enough as we en mass move our services over to the likes of Dish. Sure, it might be trading one poor company for another but I honestly have not had any issues from Dish since I signed on with them. They actually seem to want my money and don’t make me jump through any hoops to get what I need.

There’s no worse feeling than when you call the company you pay monthly than to have them switch you over to like five different departments when you’re just trying to figure out a problem. I’ve worked in customer support so I know that it can be a frustrating experience but when the reps don’t know what they’re doing there is definitely some kind of break down in either training or quality control. Heck, if there’s a problem just send a tech at least I know it will be fixed on whatever day the appointment is for.

Still, despite my issues with that company in the past I have found that I have had very little technical problems with Dish which kind of surprised me. I thought that issues were merely part of the price of having cable services but apparently the problems lies in with the cable lines or in with the people that they are hiring to maintenance them. The Dish seems to pretty much take care of itself – I have had to do a single thing with the box or the dish and I’ve had it on every day!

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