Sizing Down Comes with Nice Perks

Everything needed to maintain a home was wearing me out. I have never been lucky enough to marry and have a partner who helps keeps a home nice. Everything has been up to me for many years. That is tough when you have a full time job and a child to take care of on your own. Paying someone to do the work was expensive. When I heard about Coronado Shores Condos for sale last year, I began to spend some serious time thinking about whether that sort of living arrangement would be better for someone like me. It turns out that it is!

I lived on a lot of acreage because I really liked looking outside and seeing a lot of grass and trees. But that comes with needing to do a lot of work. It’s possible to have a lot of land filled with trees, which means that a forest area does not need to be mowed often. But I was not that lucky and needed to keep things mowed. Even buying the type of mower that you sit on to help save time and keep you away from back trouble wasn’t enough to save enough time. I still spend 3 or 4 hours every week trying to keep everything looked good. Losing the extra land seemed like a smart move. I also felt like getting a smaller place would be a smart idea, too. There really is no need to have so many rooms that never get used.

After taking a look at the condominiums, I came away with a really good impression. And there is a company that does all of the yard work for all the tenants! And the price to pay for that is so small compared to the amount of time I spent on doing it myself at my old pace. I ended up selling my old place and getting a really nice condo. Not only did I earn back some of my time, I saved some money, too.

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