Just Paid a Dollar Eighty for Gas

I am sure that this is not the best news if you are one of the big oil and energy providers in Texas or North Dakota, but it is a big deal to me. I drive a big pick up truck, a Ford F 350 with an auxilliary gas tank in the bed. At three and a half dollars a gallon it was not a big deal for me to run up a bill of a hundred and twenty dollars to fill that truck up. Of course the tank in the bed is used for other stuff, I pump gas out of it and put it in to machines that we are using on the job site. It is not being used by the truck, but the money comes out of my pocket. Of course it is company money in the final analysis, but there is a fine distinction between me and the company. In the final analysis there is not a huge difference between one and the other.

Of course I can not act like this is going to last forever and I am trying to figure out how to gain the most advantage from it. If I can save the money and use it for other stuff that I really need, then that is for the best. If I save the money and then I waste it on some other thing, then there is nothing really gained. You have to figure out how to best make this work to you advantage you take from the good luck. I figure that paying down debt is not really going to help me a lot, because the interest rates I am paying on my debts are quite reasonable. It is easier to think about what ways I could improve business by investing.

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