I Jumped at the Chance to Get Faster Service

I love living in a rural area. I love the peace and quiet. I love that there are so many wild animals that roam freely. And I love the ability to see so many stars in the sky at night that you simply cannot see while living in the big city. But what I haven’t liked is not having fast Internet like city dwellers do. That changed recently when cable Internet providers began offering service in our area. I really hoped that it would be something that I could afford.

For years, I was stuck with dial up service. Most people who are stuck with dial up will tell you that they spend more time off the Internet versus actual online time because of how long it takes to get anything done. It was always surprising to see how long it took to simply check my email, send a few email replies off and check one or two websites with slow service.

I had often visited friends who have cable service and have always been so envious of how fast it is. You can get online, do what you need to get done and be off again in only minutes. The price is a little more than my slower service is, but it is so worth it.

So, needless to say, as soon as I learned that cable service had come to my area, I called to find out the particulars immediately. To get the faster speed, I would need to only spend $15 more per month than I was already spending for slow speed! I signed up immediately. My neighbors came to check out my new fast Internet on the same day I had it installed, and now they all want to get it for their own homes, too. I don’t blame them!

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