Getting Used to Having the Baby

So we are doing our best to deal with the new life we have as parents to an infant. Anna Lee is going to be fine, in fact she is already talkng about going back to work. Her Mom would happily take over watching the little princess during the day. For that matter my Mom would too if she lived a little closer. Anna Lee’s Mom is only about ten minutes away though and she will come over to see the baby at once. We are learning all about stuff like how to use Huggies printable coupons and all sorts of fun facts about diapering. That is apparently a major industry. Of course it is a big deal when you are the one who has to get up in the middle of the night to deal with the mess in the child’s diaper and they are going to make messes every which way that you turn.

Of course this child is around the clock with one thing or another. He must sleep all of the time when I am gone, because any time I want to sleep he is making a huge ruckus. Of course he always wants something and there is nothing to do except figure out what it is it that she wants and give it to her. It is usually either food or a mess. Of course I would be unhappy if I wanted things and I had to always wait for other people to give it to me. The child wants instant gratification and there is not much that can be said to assuage her demands. She gets what she wants, the big question is whether she has something for you in the diaper or not.It is a safe bet that she does most of the time.

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