Expanding Collection with Downloaded Movies

I have been expanding my collection of movies on my computer, and I am trying to find some new releases. There are a few movies that have been released in the last two years that I really want to see, and have not seen yet. There are also a couple dozen of other movies that I am pretty interested in. I am going to try to use the pirate bay to download my movies, because it has probably the biggest collection of torrent seeds of any site that I know out there on the internet.

At least, if there is a better site for torrenting, I do not know what it is. So I am going to stick with using Pirate Bay, because it is what I have used for years. Even though it is down from time to time, it always comes back up. That is what I like about it so much. There have been a lot of other sites that have gone down, and never came back up again. But that can’t be said the Pirate Bay, and I feel like it is never going to go down for good.

Right now, I am trying to put together a list of all of the movies that I want to download. I am having trouble remembering the names of a couple of the movies that I wanted to see. Maybe I can search the web and figure out what they are called. I hate when I have blanks like this, because eventually I will remember the names, but usually it will be after I have stopped trying to think of the name. That is pretty frustrating, but I guess that it is bound to happen to most people from time to time. I am almost done with this list of shows.

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