Cosplay: Costuming As Superheros for Adults

Hair comes in all types. A curly weave. An oily sheen. A kinky curl. A silky straight. A wavy flow. There are all types of hair out there with varying degrees of curl, straightness and kinks. It’s because of this diversity of hair types that an categorization methodology was developed to help consumers choose the type of conditioners and shampoos that would be perfect for their hair. Of course, this also helps those who make wigs out of actual human hair. You might be amazed to discover that there is a whole industry out there devoted to the harvesting and shaping of human hair – I know I was!

It’s not a great surprise when you consider the rise in popularity of Cosplaying. Cosplaying is basically an excuse to continue playing dress up. Who doesn’t love dressing up? Even as adults we indulge in such a thing during Halloween still. We love making excuses to costume ourselves up and why not? It’s great fun to dress up as our favorite characters from comics, books, games and shows. I love how our childhood comics have come to life on the big screen which gives us the perfect reasoning to dress up as Superman or Wonder Woman just like we did when we were all of seven years old.

Real human hair makes for great wigs for this sort of thing if you want to go all out. Professional cosplayers make some of the most amazing costumes. You may not know this but cosplaying is actually very competitive. The best cosplay models are actually able to score sponsorship of a sort — usually from magazines or even game publishers. They’re paid quite a bit to appear at conventions – cons they’re called – such as Blizzard Con or even the likes of Comic Con.

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